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Chyler Leigh

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Chyler Leigh


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[img src= Leigh/thumbs/thumbs_chyler41024x768.jpg]80
[img src= Leigh/thumbs/thumbs_chyler411600x1200.jpg]120Chyler Leigh plays punk rocker Tuesday on "That 80's Show". She was also in "Not Another Teen Movie"SPECIAL FEES2002© Brad Miller © Retna Ltd.
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Born on April 10, 1982, in Charlotte, North Carolina, Chyler Leigh Potts– she went down the “Potts” when she began acting– grew up in Virginia Seaside, Virginia. At age 12, she transferred to Miami, Florida, with her mother. About two years later on, Chyler began modeling, having looked for the possibility after obtaining encouragement from her good friends.

Flaunting a lovely face, Chyler Leigh was an organic when it concerned starring in advertisements and quickly sufficient, she was featured in numerous regional tv commercials. Her first significant job as a starlet was available in 1996, when she started cohosting the show Hall Pass. The following year she landed a short role on a children’s program called Kinetic City Super Crew.

In 1999, Leigh survived her very first hectic aviator season, as she auditioned for various jobs in upcoming television series. She earned a part on Saving Graces, a funny on the WB, but the program had not been gotten. Although she was cast in Safe Harbor, the program didn’t last more than one period.

Chyler’s solitary major flick credit to date is the funny spoof Not One more Teen Flick, ahead task. She married actor Nathan West in 2002, the very same year she showed up in the short-lived collection Girls Club and That ’80s Program. She upgraded to The Practice in 2003 and then landed normal functions in two new television programs (making their launchings in 2005): Rocky Factor and Reunion. Clearly, this youthful mother of one is on the way up.